Thursday, 1 January 2015

Cover & Postcard from Spain!

Today I got a beautiful cover and postcard from Spain! The postcard shows a winter view of the town of Cadaqués, which is located in Girona in Catalonia. Situated on a Mediterranean Bay, the town is a popular retreat destination for people from Barcelona. With a population of about 2,600 people, it attracts ten times more tourists during the peak seasons. Numerous artists have stayed in the town, including Dalí, Picasso, Duchamp, and many more. The postcard is an official Postcrossing card, ES-325330. Thanks Xevi! 

Postcard from the USA!

Today I got a cool postcard from the USA! The postcard shows a sunset view of the Cedar Point Lighthouse, which is located in the state of Ohio. The historic lighthouse was saved by the Cedar Point Amusement Park, which made it the centerpiece of a property development resmbling a nautical town. The first Cedar Point lighthouse was erected some time in the first half of the 19th century. Nice stamps were used! Thanks Eric! 

Postcard from Germany!

Today I got a nice postcard from Germany! The postcard shows an advertisement by the company Schöner Wohnen Farbe. The brand, a collaboration with the lifestyle magazine of the same name, produces high quality paints. Their products are used in a variety of design applications. The postcard is an official Postcrossing card, DE-3681322. Thanks Nadine!

Maxicard from Serbia!

Today I got a great maxicard from Serbia! The maxicard features one of the two stamps issued by Serbia for the Europa Stamp series of 2009. During that year, the theme was Astronomy. Serbia issued a set of two stamps on May 5, 2009. Europa stamps are issued by European post administrations under PostEurop with the goal of showing their cooperation, raising awareness for philately, and underscoring the common cultural and historic ties among European countries. Thanks M. Ranisavljevic!

Postcard from Canada!

Today I got a nice postcard from Canada! The postcard shows a view of the red and white Sambro Island Light. The lighthouse is located on the entrance to Halifax Harbour in Nova Scotia. It is significant for being the oldest surviving lighthouse in North America. It was built in 1758 during the Seven Years War. Its island was the cause of many shipwrecks so the lighthouse helped prevent many disasters from occurring at the busy harbour. The card was sent from Russia and is an official Postcrossing card, RU-3131400. Thanks Julia! 

Postcard from Slovenia!

Today I got a nice postcard from Slovenia! The postcard shows multiple views of the city of Ljubljana, the capital city of the country. Known as the dragon city, it occupies an area of about 164 square kilometres and has the Ljubljanica River running through it. The historic city has some architecture left from the Roman times and from the Middle Ages. Its strategic location within the country has helped it become the center not only of power, but also of commerce, industry, science, and others. Thanks Tanya! 

Postcard from the USA!

Today I got a cool postcard from the USA! The postcard shows the Service Flag of the United States. The Service Flag is a banner that can be displayed by the families of those serving in the Armed Forces during any time of war or hostilities. Their use is authorized by the Department of Defence and they were first used unofficially during World War I. Also called blue star banners, they were displayed as a sign of having a child serving in the war. The postcard is an official Postcrossing card, US-3083815. Thanks Jennifer! 

Wednesday, 31 December 2014

Postcard from France!

Today I got a great postcard from France! The postcard shows an aerial view of the Basilica of St. Sernin, which is located in Toulouse. It was a former abbey named the Abbey of St. Sernin and it lies on the site of a previous basilica that housed the ody of St. Saturnin (Sernin), who was the first bishop of Toulouse. The abbey itself was made during the 4th century but the current basilica was consecrated in 1180. The church is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Thanks Rafal! 

Postcard from Canada!

Today I got a cool postcard from Canada! The postcard shows a view of Rogers Centre, which was once long known as the SkyDome. It is known for being the first stadium with a retractable roof, allowing usage even during times of bad weather. Opened in 1989, it has been the home of the Toronto Blue Jays baseball team. It is situated next to the iconic CN Tower and has a capacity of nearly 50,000 people. Its name was changed when it was bought by Rogers Communication in 2005. Thanks James! 

Postcard from China!

Today I got a nice postcard from China! The postcard shows an illustrated map of the whole country, including illustrations of some popular Chinese icons and cultural symbols. As the world's second largest country, it cover about 9,600,000 square kilometres. It has many different geographical features such as deserts, forests, steppes, and rivers. Its coastline along the Pacific stretches for 14,5000 kilometres. Thanks Sally! 

Tuesday, 30 December 2014

Postcard from the USA!

Today I got a nice postcard from the USA! The postcard shows an aerial view of iconic New York City. As one of the world's largest natural harbours, the city was originally founded as a trading post by Dutch colonists. It was called New Amsterdam in the early 17th century. It came under English control in the late 18th century and served briefly as the country's capital city. It has also been the largest city in the country since then. The card is an official Postcrossing card, US-3099567. Thanks Melissa! 

Monday, 29 December 2014

Postcard from Russia!

Today I got a cool postcard from Russia! The postcard features an old poster from 1955, during the Soviet era. The poster, which shows a soldier out in the winter, reads "Be always on guard!" and was made by Mikhail Solovjov. Soviet propaganda posters were first used in the Proletarian Revolution and were used all throughout the reign of the Communist Party. They feature a distinct and easily recognizable style. Nice stamps were used! Thanks Irina!